Why you should come sailing with us

If you would like to spend a day with friends, maybe on a sailboat around the lake, inside the fairy scenery of Borromee Islands, and if you wish to forget the problems of everyday, then this is a good reason to join our Association.

We are not a sailing club, with the necessary tasks that the club itself imposes to the members; we don’t have to do meetings, councils and reunions. We are just a group of friends that, according to a statute dictated only from common sense, want to make what we consider the best sport in the world: go on a sailing boat.

People, who have already a sail boat, can become a member and, in the limit of the availability, can have a buoy where to moor their own boat with favourable costs; the members who already know how to sail can be part of the crews or use one of the boots of the Association or help during the sailing courses of the Association.

For all the "Friends" who are entering the world of sailing, there will be sailing courses organized especially for them. They need only to sign up with the Amateur Sporting Club “Vieni in barca con noi”.

Our boats