The articles of association

The "Vieni in Barca" association aims to spread the culture of the sport of sailing as part of a more complex and elaborate cultural program, that draws its origins from the sea and, in general, from a whole culture related to the navigation.

The association aims to introduce to the see and to live it in a natural and simple way, by using the wind and by sailing, but the main purpose is, above all, to reach the pleasure to stay together with other people.

The cultural programme is dedicating to develop the formative and didactic basis for the teaching of the ancient Art of Sailing practise, that means how to use water as a way to unify the different populations and as a way of transmission of the various cultures of the world.

The "Vieni in Barca" Association pursues, therefore, its goal through the following actions:

  1. to deepen, promote and spread the teaching of the sport of sailing by the procedures and the rules established by the ancient seamanship;

  2. to develop the sport of navigating through the diffusion, knowledge and practice of the sport of sailing in general, as well as training and teaching activities for the initiation and the improvement of the sport of sailing, preparation and management of teams, participation in events, competitions and tournaments, management of facilities for the practice of nautical sports, to organize sports activities amateur, recreational, tourist, cultural, welfare, and of social promotion in favour of Associates for the sound use of the sport tied to the world of the navigation in the free time;

  3. to protect the purposes and the integrity of the values concerning the Sea and the Sea culture, ensuring the quality of teaching and of the instructors, the observance of this Statute and of the Deontological Code by all the Members;

  4. to train all the Instructors through the supervision of their work, in order to ensure a control of quality;

  5. to institute schools and structures for the teaching of the sport tied to the navigation and to the culture of the sea;

  6. to organize initiatives of promotion and diffusion through conferences, conventions, debates, seminars, groups, theoretical and practical courses of formation and improvement, laboratories and every other form of present and future communication, in accordance to the aims of the Association;